Reactivation Game – Make “The Chore” Fun!

Make “The Chore” of Chart Auditing Fun!
By: Wendy Nix

Every team struggles from time to time with being consistent with chart auditing. With this being a potentially HUGE accelerator for any practice, it is a necessary and effective tool to quickly increase productivity and stimulate immediate growth to the hygiene schedule. The RAX game is a great way to motivate and encourage the team with healthy competition that is fun and beneficial to everyone.

Target Goal: Everyone to get 5 “RAX” patients in the door monthly and collectively with individual and team incentives.

Individual= 5 “RAX” patients in the door within that month will receive a $50 cash bonus for their efforts.
Team= If everyone hits 5 “RAX” goal individually, the entire team will receive a “jackpot” prize in addition to the $50 individual bonus.

Team agrees to follow the chart auditing protocol/guideline provided by their Fortune Management Coach, which is inclusive of researching the chart prior to making the “RAX” call
The chart auditing point person will supply the team with lists to work off of. See your Coach if help is needed in pulling lists.
Team members must put notes in patients journal/account with initials which verifies the research has been done and the call has been made with the results of the call
“RAX” needs to be clearly marked on any reactivated appointment made to identify the reactivated patient, and discussed at AM Huddle (why they’ve been away from the practice, any needs/concerns, etc).
Target starts over monthly, no rolling over.
Monitoring is a must!
When patient calls back to schedule, the last person who left the voicemail gets the credit.
Calls should take place 2 months apart, minimum. Any sooner is not encouraged unless the patient gives permission for a sooner follow-up call to take place. Then, that teammember is responsible for the designated follow-up call and gets the credit, if they schedule. IF teammember fails to follow-up, next teammember to call the patient 2 months later receives credit.
Credit for the “RAX” goes to the most recent person that LM with note/initial in the journal/account, as long as it’s been 2+ months since last call.
No hoarding or being proprietary of names unless you have noted permission to follow-up. Then, and only then, is it encouraged.
$50 bonus announced and given at 1st team meeting of the following month and is in addition to their normal bonus model (BAM).
Jackpot prize to occur within 30 days of prior months close (example: April’s jackpot rewarded in May) and Doctor chooses the prize!

Jackpot Ideas:
-Team/family dinner
-Spa day or gift certificate
-Shopping spree
-Catered lunch
-Gift certificate
-TopGolf or Miniature Golf team trip
-Family Movie night
-Paid day off (extra day around the holidays)
-Family day at the Waterpark
-Theatre/Opera Tickets
-Sports tickets
-Airfare ticket/certificate
-Mystery grab bag (with cash, gift cards, certificates of value)
-UPW tickets (Unleash the Power Within –Tony Robbins)

-Note to Doctors: the prizes can be anything that will resonate with the team and shows them that you appreciate them in some way. This is your opportunity to give back to a high performing, committed and invested team! Be grateful for them and give back ungrudgingly. Come from abundance and your team will do the same in return. And have fun, this is a WIN-WIN for your practice, your team and most importantly, your patients!

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