“Dick and Camilla Vessels have been instrumental to the growth and maintenance of our dental practice for 14 years. They have been true practice advisors with a depth of insightful knowledge that helps support the demands of our practice. As partners, they have proved to be immeasurably effective in serving as a sounding board to bring consensus. There is no question that our practice has continually grown because of their influence.”

-Dr. Russell Phillips

“We have had the opportunity to work with Dick Vessels for a number of years, and he is exactly what we needed to help serve our dental practice. Not only does Dick care about working with us as the Doctors of the practice, but he also cares about the well-being and success of our entire team. He works with us on finances, bonuses, team building, team agreements, leadership skills, accountability, and the importance of having FUN, both for our team and our patients. We are also grateful for the financial rewards he has supported us with. Overall, we are extremely happy with the value and support that he has brought us over the years, and we are confident that our best years are yet to come!”

-Dr. Judy Penski & Dr. Maggie Irvin

“When I first started with Dick Vessels many years ago, my practice was encountering a number of challenges that we needed assistance with. Dick was able to work hand-in-hand with me to turn these challenges around, which made all the difference for me, my team, our patients, and our future. I now not only have one practice, but two practices, along with an associate. He is always willing to listen with open ears, and continuously push me to the next level.”

-Dr. Craig Snyder

“As you know, my personal life and practice mission both revolve around changing people’s lives on a daily basis. Your coaching has been vital to helping me and the team on achieving this and all of our goals. Our patient enrollment and acceptance, team-building, A+ customer service, and keeping focus on reaching our goals has grown every day and we are still growing. Your determination, dedication, and leadership skills have supported us in reaching and exceeding all of our personal, business, and financial goals, and we look forward to our continued relationship throughout this year and years to come. Thank you so much for being such an amazing coach, mentor, and friend!”

-Dr. Jamie LaViola

“What an outstanding change you have helped us achieve in 2013. The office is MUCH more comfortable now, both with new patient experience and teamwork. There is lots of positive energy going on between us all and more synergy enrolling patients. I think being able to see where each other is coming from and the mutual (not common) goals we all share has really allowed us to all understand each other. We are able to see the BIG outcome and flex to meet it. We don’t understand how you facilitate all this and get these changes intact; however, we are extremely grateful that you can. What a stunning surprise and powerful outcome.”

-Dr. Stuart Ross

“What a positive and encouraging year 2013 has been! We have grown in all aspects of the office- from new patient enrollment, patient acceptance, team-building, creating a comfortable environment, and most importantly, keeping our focus on the big picture- reaching our goals! Your determination, dedication, and leadership skills have supported us in tripling our annual income. It sure is nice to bring home those extra dollars as we hit our goals! Thank you again for all your continued support and looking forward to the positive outlooks on 2014!”

-Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia