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Dick Vessels, Executive Coach & Franchisee OwnerDick Vessels

Dick is a leader in the field of building and sustaining practice wealth. As a practice performance business coach he has amassed decades of experience in bringing dentists and their teams to the highest levels of success. Dick began his career as a top-performing sales person within advertising and marketing. As a small business owner (100+ employees) and self-employed since college, Dick is aware of the problems and challenges that exist in building a successful business. This experience has taught him what needs to happen for a business to thrive and dominate its market place. Taking this, he moved forward in his career, and as a leadership coach with Fortune Management, he shares his knowledge with dental teams on how to find their personal and professional business wealth.

His message is simple, but powerful.

“Success is not coincidental. The difference is decisions and choices.
There are consistent, logical patterns of action, and specific
pathways to excellence that are within reach of us all!”

Dick has the experience and credentials to back this up. For over 20 years, he
has enjoyed a prestigious career aiding doctors and their teams in transforming
their practices. He does this by providing a unique blend on insight and inspiration
that motivates them and their teams to want to improve. Dick provides
specific and customized tools, one-on-one coaching, and creating results in half
the time believed possible. He has devoted his life to uncovering these pathways
to excellence, and sharing these influences with others.

A long-time client and friend states this, “What an outstanding impact the
Vessels have had on our practice over the last 16 years. My practice has tremendously
increased our annual production each consecutive year. We tremendously
value their dedication and loyalty to our team, and consider ourselves truly
grateful for them. We would strongly recommend them to any colleague, and
know that they are capable of producing massive results!”

Alongside of Dick, are three other team members: Camilla Vessels, Amy Miller,
and Lindsey Martens. Together, they value the difference that they make for
each of their clients, and the life-long relationships established along the way.

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