Our History

In late 1988, Dr. Paul Bass read Unlimited Power, by Anthony Robbins and was so moved by the personal growth technology, he hired Tony to do an exclusive, private Unleash the Power Within seminar for 50 of his dental clients and spouses. That powerful weekend shaped the future of Fortune Management. Tony was excited about the potential effect his personal growth methods could have on the healthcare industry and wanted to partner with the Fortune Team. Dr. Bass, Dr Gary McLeod, René Schubert and others joined Anthony Robbins in a partnership to form Fortune Practice Management in 1989. In 2002, Bernie Stoltz became one of the major shareholders of Fortune and helped direct it to it’s current status as a Delaware Corporation. The mission has always been to transform the lives of people in the healthcare field in their respective healthcare businesses. Today, this vision has held true for over two decades and Fortune Management has grown to be the pre-eminent coaching force in healthcare.