Our Beliefs and Values

“Our purpose is living and doing business in harmony with God’s purposes, as an example of all the good and potential that is possible in life and in business. We do this by making a positive difference for those who want to make a positive difference, while also establishing life-long friends along the way!”


  • Our leadership coaching and training influences clients to have fun while creating and accomplishing more than they dreamed possible.
  • Demanding more of ourselves, physically and emotionally, allows us to achieve our incredible uncommon results.
  • We stand out as leadership coaches and trainers because we respect and appreciate the beliefs and values of others.
  • Our positive and supportive action steps become the emotional and financial rewards of our future.
  • We always support our focus on attaining uncommon and worthy goals.
  • Being honest and doing what is right is the only solution.
  • We are a family on and off the field.


  • Respect everyone as a person and as a valued team member.
  • Always be over-prepared.
  • Support change and innovation.
  • Continuously add value.
  • Communicate with quality and thought.
  • DTIP – Don’t Take It Personal.
  • Accountability – No stories.
  • Responsible for keeping a SAFE PLACE.
  • Support and be willing to be supported.
  • Stretch continuously out of our comfort zones.