Angela and Keith Henderson

With a passion for people and a love for life, Keith and Angela Henderson have
served with Fortune Management since October of 2014. Through their business,

their dream is to ignite a hope and vision into what makes a dental/medical
practice reach success- its TEAM.

Having assisted 12 years in the Orthodontics, Angela has experienced Firsthand
the challenges that can sometime evolve in the doctor, staff, and patient
relationships. Though sometimes exasperating, the appropriate approach to
each challenge can result in the creation of a positive and gratifying work
atmosphere that enhances the practice environment and office experience for

Keith and Angela are business owners in their town of Goose Creek, SC and
serve on their local church pastoral team. Angela is the author of the book,
“Run for Your Life” which shares life lessons that she and Keith learned while
experiencing difficult times in a bear market economy as they set their focus
on running their first marathon.

As motivational speakers, they have traveled internationally and have shared
their stories on many stages around the world. They have served as coaches
and mentors to many genres of people including clergy, businessmen and
businesswomen, United States Senators, as well as stay at home moms and
students of all ages. Angela also chairs a nonprofit which provides a home for
displaced high school juniors and seniors. Together Keith and Angela passionately
lead teams of volunteers who reach out to meet community needs.

Keith and Angela enjoy their three grown children and grandchild as well as
traveling, running, and living life together. Keith is a “Braveheart” fan sharing
the same passion for family and freedom. Angela’s favorite motto is: “It’s a
good time to be you” believing that every situation can present opportunity to
grow and advance becoming wealthier and wiser.